Originally from La Habichuela, Café Maya was created one lonely afternoon in 1977, by a waiter from Acapulco named Mario who was fascinated by Mayan folklore. Since then it has become a legend in Cancun and a delight that you must try at least once in your life.


Coffee (booxja´ in Mayan)

The Mayan Culture was a great pre-Hispanic civilization that left its mark on various aspects of modern life, from science, where many of its discoveries turned into astronomy and astrology as we know today; an even now we can find some traces of their philosophy of life, respect for our ancestors and worship of the Gods.

An important contribution of the Mayan Culture is its delicious gastronomy based on the unique flavors of its condiments, essences and herbal medicine, making possible the creation of exquisite, nutritious, and unique dishes.

In 1977, La Habichuela restaurant was born with great respect and inspiration towards the Mayan Culture. Since then, we have made an effort to create a unique environment, where our diners feel transported to the golden age of this millenary culture, can enjoy self-created dishes and witness a service taken care of in detail.


The subtle and extravagant experience of enjoying Café Maya



One of the most emblematic rituals is, of course, our MAYAN COFFEE. A magical potion prepared at the side of your table, which exalts the delights of a good coffee and exalts the traditions of the ancient Mayan Culture. A combination created in La Habichuela for the world, which has as ingredients, of course, coffee, orange, sugar, Xtabentun liqueur, a liqueur typical of the region, brandy and vanilla ice cream.




The preparation of CAFÉ MAYA is a ritual that has surprised and fascinated millions of tourists and locals, to such an extent that this drink has reached many restaurants and hotels throughout the Mexican Caribbean. It is spectacular to observe the flutter in the glass and begin to perceive the aromas that the fantastic mixture of liquors acquires, to later savor the delicious contrast of the ice cream with the temperature of the Coffee.



We are proud to have been the initiators of such a high contribution to regional gastronomy, for the world. We are inspired every day by the gallantry of the Maya and we honorably respect their wisdom.



When our diners live the experience of being at La Habichuela, our greatest satisfaction is to observe satisfied, pleased faces and to know that in many parts of the world the Mayan culture will be mentioned and remembered for the unforgettable experience that is its preparation. In our living room or on the spectacular terrace. Welcome to La Habichuela, a benchmark of Mayan gastronomy for the world.