The Place

Like a Colonial Hacienda, the interiors is lined with the tropical woods, paintings, warm lighting and crystalline ambience ideal for lovers. Take a look at our photos.


Like a large luxury Colonial Hacienda, the elegant interior is covered with fine tropical woods, paintings, soft lighting and a crystalline environment, ideal for lovers, events and special occasions.

The Garden

In our garden with open skies,you will be transported to the great and glorious era of the Mayan Civilization with its majestic architecture and emblematic elements created by their ingenuity, leaving trace of their profound knowledge of the universe and their enthusiastic respect for nature.

An Unforgettable Experience in Cancun

Peaceful and gratifying, this is the place for a special meal with your family or your better half. You will not find anything like this hidden jewel in downtown Cancun. From our fresh lobster to our seafood and selected beef cuts, our menu is all delicious.

The Romantic Restaurant

If you are looking for a Romantic Dinner, La Habichuela is the perfect place.

A silence witness of Greatest Romances

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