Restaurante La Habichuela Restaurante La Habichuela


In 1997, the National Chamber of the restaurant industry in Mexico designated the Habichuela as the best restaurant in a resort in Mexico. After two decades of operation, this award recognizes the quality of the beans, and wine as the perfect gift at our restaurant, in its 20 anniversary.
La Habichuela is the first restaurant in the world that was certified by AFAQ / IQ-Net. The ISO 9002:1994 is a certification that the Bean meets the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization. This process took almost two years, starting with training for all staff, followed by a thorough inspection of equipment certification agency.
Since 2001 The Habichuela has been awarded Diron from the “Dinstuinguished Restaurants of North America” ​​by joining the list of establishments selected to receive such recognition for culinary excellence. The restaurant passed a rigorous examination of the team DiRoNA. Only 13 restaurants in Mexico have this award.

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