Restaurante La Habichuela Restaurante La Habichuela


“Since 1982 this has been our favorite restaurant every time returned strive even more than last time. Do not change!
–Sr. y Sra. Angeles Corona

“o our dear Mexican brothers: A first class restaurant for their human quality and careful attention and cordial. Excellent food, beautifully set remembrance tradition and culture.”
–Susana & Felipe Yusalata

“Only twice have I had the pleasure of enjoying the pleasure of a delicious dish, Brujas -Rasputin- and Bruxelles -San Jorge-, and I know cooking, and today is memorable. Thank you!”
–Arq. Sergio Sauza

“Congratulations, 1st time in 8 years in Cancun and I regret not having done so before.
See you soon.”
–Mauricio Estrada, CANCÚN

“It took over 50 minutes to get to this place and now that I know I know that if I take two hours to arrive, so worth it because it is the best of Mexico and always recommend it.”
–Santiago, Karen and children, MONTERREY NL

“It is the first time that a book so small has such good feedback on the service and quality. This proves that in simplicity lies the majesty.”
–Rosy Flores, CANCÚN

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